Northside Depot
Northside Depot
A creative space for events and coworking

Shared Workspace

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Electronic access to the workspace
Business class wireless internet
Color and B&W Printer
Private phone booth
Conference room with TV
Lounge areas
Kitchen, dining, microwave & fridge
Coffee & Tea
Community space for events
Outdoor patio
A growing library of resources
A community of creative individuals
Donkey Kong / Donkey Kong Jr. / MARIO BROS.



Entry Level

4 Days a month with a desk and chair and all amenities above.
$100  month


Middle Ground

12 days a month, desk and chair with all amenities above.
$200 month


Full Timer

Unlimited days. Permanent desk & chair with lockable filing cabinet.
$300 month


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A library to inspire

We believe it is better to share our toys, and our books! We’ve stocked the depot with favorite reference materials, inspirational editions and other random ephemera that helps shake up the mind.