Work better.


Northside Depot is a bright, creative coworking space in the heart of Cincinnati where really great people come to work better. 

We opened our doors in Northside in 2016 to bring together kind, creative-minded people working in any field to be more inspired and more productive. We’re a growing community of good people getting things done: designers, writers, editors, techies, makers, and doers – our good friends Wire & Twine are even set up downstairs in the workshop. We’re looking for more awesome people to help make this a better community to come work in every day (or, hey, even just Wednesdays).

Northside Depot isn’t just for the independent worker – we host group events and workshops to get your team out from under the same old roof to re-inspire collaboration, creativity, and teamwork. 

Our space is located in a corner building that was once a train depot. Like the old depot, Northside Depot allows ideas and energy to flow in order to keep good work motoring along. Our space has everything you need to make that happen – whether that’s just a comfortable chair at a desk with an outlet and great natural light, or a big event space for big ideas. 

“Sometimes I need to just get out of the house to find a new source of inspiration. The Depot – its people, its light, its energy - is the perfect change of environment I need to get my ideas going again.”
–Zan McQuade